TitleThe Kybalion A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and GreeceAuthorThree InitiatesPublishedChicago, IL : Yogi Publication Society -0001
Status:Check Shelves SubjectSpiritualityCategoryPhilosophy and PsychologyMediaBookEdition1ISBN978-1-5854-2643-0TypeElectronicDescription
He was the father of the occult, the founder of astrology, the discoverer of alchemy. He was Hermes Trismegistus, and as the scribe of the gods of ancient Egypt, he possessed all divine knowledge... which he passed on to humanity, though only those who have been tutored in its wonders can fully understand it. In this extraordinary 1912 book, three secret initiates to his teachings--who remain anonymous to this day--share their insight with all who seek to understand the mysterious underpinnings of the universe and our relationship with it.


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