TitleGifted - A Guide For Mediums, Psychics & IntuitivesAuthorLisa AndresPublishedWashington : CreateSpace Independent Publishing 2016
Status:Check Shelves SubjectSpiritualityCategoryPhilosophy and PsychologyMediaBookEdition2ISBN978-0-6158-5435-4Call NumberB134.4000TypeElectronicDescription
This book will tell you how to know if you are a psychic, a medium, or an intuitive, as well as how to do readings. It will also help you to understand spirit guides, Akashic records, and more. Gifted is intended for people that are opening up to their gifts as a medium, a psychic, or an intuitive. While it can be used for all levels, it is a book that is intended for the beginning to intermediate level student.

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