Come revel in adoration with Us…

Join us Sunday mornings contact us for specific places and times and more detailed info regarding meeting times, click here.

We welcome guests at all of our services and events. We believe your time with us will be one of refreshing, uplifting and fun. Our services, which typically last approximately 90 minutes from welcome to dismissal, include a variety of experiences, designed to allow those in attendance to feel connected with all elements of creation and their community.

Serving Salt Lake City, Utah for more than 5 years, Peaceful Heart Church™ is an open non-denominational, church. We welcome people of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds. As you will soon see (if you haven’t already), our service filled with acceptance, tolerance, and most importantly loving joy.  The ministry that comes from this platform is based on our spiritual guidance and is free-flowing. As a church, we offer many special ministry events, groups and activities all created to enrich your spiritual and personal life.


Service Format

Worship summarizes all that we do throughout our lives by being present, compassionate, and full of love and joy. To help us maintain a state of adoration, we typically incorporate music, singing and meditation into our services.

When our pastors preach, their focus is to express a concept that is presented by spirit, while showing its relevance and suggested application for our lives today.

During our time of celebration, you may see and/or experience people spontaneously singing, clapping and raising their hands.  All of these are forms of veneration discussed in the Bible. Different people express their worship to God in various forms.

In all of our services, we give the congregation the opportunity to give financially to the church.  The church is supported by the regular contributions of its congregation.

Being informed is an essential ingredient to connecting with the church, its members and our community.  Therefore, announcements are delivered at each service in a fun, upbeat manner!  They will reinforce and often times provide additional information to our monthly church bulletin and/or this website.

We believe your worship experience will be enriching and enjoyable.  We look forward to meeting you!

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